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Healthy individuals, families and organizations all contribute to our Nation’s well-being. We have honored our ancestors’ Treaty process by successfully reviving our caring, compassionate and resourceful Cree ways in a safe, respectful and wholistic manner.


Helping Frog Lake First Nations to be healthy and live in harmony as a Cree Tribe.



Frog Lake Councelling Services (NNADAP)

The NNADAP Staff members are responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering prevention and intervention programs to the people of Frog Lake First Nation. The main function of the NNADAP program is to assist individuals and families in dealing with and reducing, alcohol and drug related problems. The concept of this program is to provide a healthy lifestyle alternative to substance and alcohol abuse. To ensure that the specific population, such as youth, elders, on-reserve population, local school, etc. are receiving appropriate prevention and intervention programs.

Health Center Staff


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