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Council Letter To Froglake Community

We as the Frog Lake First Nations #121 & #122 Chief and Council, were elected by our members, to do what we can to improve the quality of lives of our entire nation. The election by which we were granted this honour to serve, a process which our nation
endures every two years; has become a negative experience and source of unnecessary division within our community. As the Frog Lake First Nations #121 & #122 Chief and Council, Our responsibility to you the members is to improve this experience, and to build a foundation for stronger governance in our Nation’s future.

Our Nation can take back the right as to how we choose our elected Chief & Council, by adopting an Election Code via referendum. We together, as a Nation, have the opportunity to reduce the negativity, hostility and animosity experienced by our members during an election, while reducing the number and severity of disputes about election results. Adopting an election code by referendum, will mean we no longer have to follow the methods imposed upon us by Canada.

Over the next months, there will be continued outreach, requests to participate in focus groups, election code draft reviews distributed, band meetings and surveys on issues relating to how we as a Nation choose our elected Chief and Council. Your experiences and wisdom will help make sure our election code reflects the most important values and wisdom of our Nation. It is expected that the election code will be tweaked and revised as conversations evolve with members. The version presented today is only the first draft.

The goal of these discussions will result in a final document, voted on by referendum, in which members will decide whether to adopt the text developed by these efforts. It is our hope that the final document developed is one you will confidently vote “yes” on.


Frog Lake Chief and Council

Get Involved In Your  Community

Please provide your feedback for the initial draft of the Frog Lake Election Code. The current draft was created using survey and focus group feedback from roughly 200 Frog Lake Members since November 2021.

Election Code Initial Draft - Community Review

Frog Lake First Nations does not intend to utilize this Election Code regarding the election of Chief and Councillors in any way to affect, define or erode the Spirit and Intent of Treaty 6 or to be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from the protection provided for existing.....

Draft Election Code Changes Summary

This document summarizes some of the most significant changes for how Frog Lake chooses elected Chief & Council. Changes are not final, are sourced from community conversations, and serve as the starting point for a wider community discussion.....

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.. and to promote a healthy lifestyle for our membership. To share our way of life and teachings with the youth passed on from our elders through ceremony as well as the belief to empower our members to be great and achieve goals. My leadership  goal is to deliver long-term value for indigenous inhabitants of Frog Lake and a voice for my people at all levels of government.

"We Are Determined To Do Good Things And Committed To Achieve Results For The Frog Lake First Nation."

Everything we work towards has 4 strategic priorities in mind:

financial strategy

Frog Lake Pow Wow 2021

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Frog Lake: Rich In History, open for new business opportunities...

Frog Lake is a Cree community approximately 207 km east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is located 11 km northeast of the Hamlet of Heinsburg and 13 km southwest of the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement.

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There’s always something fun to do in Frog Lake! Community spirit is alive and well here, with a wide variety of friendly clubs, teams and hobby groups to join.

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