121 & 122 - ALBERTA, CANADA


Frog Lake First Nation social development department is responsible for providing services that promote family unity with a goal of helping individuals and families attain self-sufficiency.


We are committed to helping individuals become self sufficient, productive members by enhancing their employability dimensions such as career decision making and skills enhancement.


Chief Napeweaw Comprehensive School priority is to prepare our diverse population with the knowledge and skills necessary for the challenges of the future.

We are determined to do good things and
committed to achieving results.

Frog Lake is a community about a two and half hour drive east of Edmonton. It is located approximately 90 km. north of Lloydminster and 80 km. south of Cold Lake on Secondary Highway 897. The community is easily accessible by paved roads. Nearby communities include Marwayne, Elk Point, and Heinsburg, Alberta.

Frog Lake has 2,454 band members as of August, 2007. The community has an on reserve population of approximately 1,000.

Frog Lake is rich in natural resources and has its own oil and gas drilling facilities. We believe that when armed with appropriate resources, our Community holds the capacity and ingenuity to ensure the sustainable economic future which includes the preservation of our spiritual and cultural ways for all community members. This has enabled us to approach our challenges with determination and confidence.

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